Apart from converting our own stocks of polyester films, HiFi Polyester Film provides a custom slitting and sheeting service for customer films. Trade conversion into reels or sheets is carried out using the latest technology in slitting and sheeting machines, whilst bespoke packaging and labelling using customer logos and nomenclature is prepared to your specification.

We also offer a supply chain management service and can hold material at our premises ready to be called off for next day delivery.


In partnership with suppliers and customers HiFi Polyester Film identified a growing need for conversion in clean room conditions.

During 2014 a new facility was built within the factory housing a purpose built Kampf Conslit slitting machine. This machine is able to maintain a Class 6 category clean room standard during operation.

Our Capabilities

Reel widths from 20mm to 1650mm
Reel lengths up to 24,000m
Slit reels up to 600mm outside diameter
Film thicknesses from 12mic to 500mic
Core sizes of 76mm, 150mm and 152mm
Width tolerances of ±0.25mm on most reels


Back in 2009 HiFi Polyester Film purchased a dedicated stabilisation machine, previously owned by ICI and recognised as a benchmark against which others were judged. This investment was a voyage into uncharted territory for HiFi Polyester Film – it allowed HiFi Polyester Film to turn base film with a typical shrinkage of 1.5 – 2% into a product suited to applications that required a high level of stabilisation. It brought new challenges and opened doors into exciting new markets.

HiFi Polyester Film have rapidly gained expertise in the production of stabilised film and in addition have developed our process and carried out trials for clients wishing to develop products for increasingly demanding applications. We would be pleased to discuss any interest you might have for trial work or trade stabilisation on this unique machine.

Our Capabilities

Clear and white films
Reel widths from 750mm to 1550mm

Reel lengths up to 3000m
Film thicknesses from 36mic to 350mic
Thermal stabilisation to typically 0.1%


Continual investment ensures that HiFi Polyester Film has the latest in precision slitting technology to supply reels in a range of specifications and within the most demanding tolerances. Our machines are fully programmable and computer controlled to ensure that we convert material to the highest quality with minimal waste.

We currently have six slitting machines encompassing four modern Kampf Conslits including the latest Conslit III. All feature automatic knife set-up to improve both accuracy and efficiency of production. One Conslit is purpose built for our Class 6 clean room whilst two other Conslit II machines offer flexibility. To complete the range we have two specialised slitting machines for both narrow and wide slit widths – up to 2200mm wide.

Our Capabilities

Reel widths from 12mm to 2200mm
Reel lengths up to 36,000m
Slit reels up to 850mm outside diameter
Film thicknesses from 12mic to 500mic
Core sizes of 76mm, 150mm and 152mm
Width tolerances of ±0.25mm on most reels

The latest in precision slitting machines.


Our sheeting machines produce a vast range of sheet sizes and have various interleave and edge bonding options. We also have a state of the art guillotine which enables us to cut sheets to very close tolerances.

We also have the facility to print a unique code on every sheet produced, providing individual sheet traceability.

Our Capabilities

Sheet sizes up to 1450mm x 2200mm
Tissue or paper interleaved
Film thicknesses from 23mic to 500mic
Film to paper edge bonding facilities
Unique traceability and coding or individual sheets
Fully programmable, computerised guillotine

Unique sheet coding, providing individual traceability.


If space and inventory management is a concern for you, our supply chain management service has brought benefits to many of our customers.

HiFi Polyester Film hold extensive stocks of polyester film in master roll format for conversion into customer reels or sheets. Our modern machinery and efficient planning system allows production lead times to be very short, but where there is a demand for a specific film or service, we can convert and hold finished stock for immediate delivery.

This “call off” service allows delivery times to be as early as next day, whilst our quality system records all processed film providing traceability and security.

Delivery times as early as next day.


We also provide bespoke packaging and labelling for your material. We use the latest computer software to produce labels and can incorporate your own logos, graphics and barcodes.