Metallised films create high impact and eye-catching effects and are often used for digital printing of posters, displays and point of sale materials. Other uses include labels, flexible mirrors, reflectors and other applications where high reflectivity is required.
Metallised films are often used in the construction industry for thermal insulation and barrier applications. HiFi Polyester Film also offers two-side metallised films with improved barrier performance specially for these applications.

HiFi Polyester Film stocks a wide range of printable ‘mirror’ finish polyester films in thicknesses from 12 to 250 microns in either roll or sheet format. In sheet format, the metallised surface of the film is protected by a tissue or poster paper interleave. For printing applications, we can edge-glue with poster paper to provide protection and improve handling through printing presses.

Flash metallised films with low optical density e.g. microwave susceptor film, are also available.