HiFi Polyester Film is a supplier of thermally stabilised polyester film to major multi-national companies operating in the field of biomedical diagnostics. These films are thermally stabilised in our factory to customer specifications.

The largest market for polyester film within medical diagnostics is blood glucose test strips for use by people with diabetes. Each test strip contains a circuit consisting of many layers printed onto the film. Operation of the circuit is dependent on precise alignment of these layers, this precision can only be achieved by the use of films with a high level of thermal stability.
HiFi Polyester Film is able to produce film that not only meets the dimensional stability needs of customers, but also have reduced curvature or skew so that finished reels are perfectly aligned for any further processes that the customer might carry out.

Polyester films are also used in medical device manufacture such as PPE products like face shields, visors, in these cases high thermal stability may not be required, but a consistent product with continuity of supply and the necessary accreditation is available from HiFi Polyester Film.

Conversion for medical applications is carried out within our BRC approved factory and under clean room conditions using our class 6 clean room slitting facility.