PET film is widely used in printed circuits and many other electronic applications as it has excellent properties for this use, including exceptional flatness, good insulation properties and thermal stability.

Thermal stability is very important for a range of applications where any temperature related movement of the film has the potential to cause problems with the printed circuit – for this reason HiFi Polyester Film made a large investment in a stabilisation line, able to produce film with a 100 fold improvement in stability compared to standard PET film, thus producing product suitable for virtually any application.

Not all applications require stabilised film, so HiFi Polyester Film offers an extensive range of polyester films for use in a variety of electronic applications. The range includes unstabilised films, but also at the other end of the scale we offer DuPont Teonex PEN films (polyethylene naphthalate), for applications requiring enhanced environmental resistance and tolerance to higher temperatures.