Digital printable polyester film - DCP Graphics

Our digital printable polyester film brand DCP was developed by Derek Platt, a chemist with a long history of developing novel coatings for predominantly polyester films, to make products that are receptive to various types of inks and toners. Customers have long recognised these products for giving outstanding performance in a wide range of graphic applications.

Brand history

Derek was well known and well respected within the industry, and the company that he founded had a very loyal customer base. HiFi Polyester Film and Direct Coated Products (DCP) had a business relationship that stretched back for many years, with HiFi Polyester Film carrying out conversion and finishing activities for a number products sold through DCP.

Direct Coated Products formally ceased trading in July 2013 and the DCP products are now fully integrated into the film business of HiFi Polyester Film.