UVJ Diffuser



Product Description

UVJ Diffuser is a UV printable, white light diffusing film, mainly for use in backlit signage and display applications. The product is designed to distribute light evenly in backlit applications, including those lit by fluorescent tubes and LED’s.

Key Features

  • Fully printable both sides on UV inkjet machines such as the Zund, Inca Eagle & Colombia, Vutek Press Vu, Nur Tempo and Durst Rho 160
  • Diffuser is incorporated into the body of the film, so it cannot be damaged by handling or printing
  • Superior thermal performance, compared to other diffuser films
  • Excellent uniformity, with a consistent colour which does not vary from batch to batch
  • Excellent thermal and dimensional stability and flatness
  • Produces prints with excellent contrast between colours
  • Strong, robust print media for long lasting displays
  • UVJ Diffuser 190 micron is available in both reel sheet formats