Transcopy Colours


Product Description

Transcopy is an opaque coated ‘permanent paper’ polyester film, with an attractive smooth matt finish, suitable for most dry toner print processes (laser printers, copiers and small sheet fed digital press machines). The product is available in White and four pastel shades, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow – apart from colour all are identical in terms of properties and performance.

Key Features

  • 130μ 2-side matt aqueous coated polyester film, optimised for dry toner print applications
  • Suitable for most thermal transfer and dry toner (laser/LED/flash fusion) print processes, either mono or colour, from small volume right up to large production machines
  • Product has a smooth matt surface giving a strong dense image with excellent print adhesion – it can be printed on both sides where equipment allows.
  • Water resistant, wipe-able and punch-able
  • Ideal for POS, signage and documents, or manuals for use in harsh environments – many other applications
  • Tough, durable and weather resistant – this product provides all the benefits of a laminated product without the need for encapsulation