Mylar® OLAF


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Product Description

Mylar® OLAF is a biaxially oriented polyester film with a heat-sealable coating incorporating anti-fog properties on one surface and plain polyester on the other. The anti-fog properties minimise fogging during freezing, chilling and cooking and also improve clarity when ‘breathable’ products such as fresh vegetables are packed. Mylar® OLAF provides a strong peelable seal when heat-sealed to itself, APET/CPET trays, polyester coated board, PETG, PVC and polycarbonate. Mylar® OLAF seals between 140° to 220°C, and is ideal for use as a self-venting lidding film for ready meals. Able to withstand temperatures as low as -70°C, Mylar® OLAF may be used in both microwave and conventional ovens where cooking is typically 220°C for 30 mins. When used as a single web, thinner grades of Mylar® OLAF may tear when opening.

Key Features

  • Easy-open peelable seal and excellent anti-fog properties
  • Dual ovenable over a wide temperature range
  • Self-venting during cooking for steam release
  • Available corona treated on the plain surface for improved printability* (OLAFT)

Food Contact

Complies with the following European regulations and directives: EU10/2011 and its amendment 1282/2011 relating to materials and articles intended to come into contact with food