Melinex ® FS1 (English)


Product Description


HiFi Polyester Film are authorised distributors for DuPont Teijin Films, a global leader in polyester film manufacturing and product development.

At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, PPE and in particular face shields were in very short supply to protect health workers from infection. HiFi Polyester Film, working very closely with DuPont Teijin Films, brought a new product to the market with immediate availability and customised sizes for face shield manufacturers.

DuPont Melinex ® FS1 is available at 175micron and 250micron, although the face shield visor application has settled upon 175micron as the perfect balance between transparency and stiffness.

HiFi Polyester Film have extensive stocks of polyester Melinex ® FS1 and offer it to the face shield market in both roll and sheet format at customised sizes.

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The conversion facilities at HiFi Polyester Film are perfect to serve the medical industry, our class 6 clean room conversion and very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout are matched to critical medical requirements.

Key Features

Melinex ® FS1 characteristics

Melinex ® FS1 has anti fog properties that are essential for face shield visors. This has enabled face shields made using Melinex ® FS1 to successfully achieve the required EN 166 standard and carry the CE mark. They are approved for use by the UK NHS and many other countries throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

Polyester film advantages

Polyester film has several advantages over other plastic materials such as PETG, APET and Polycarbonate, the stiffness and high transparency of polyester film allow considerable downgauging over these plastics. When worn in conjunction with a face mask or mouth covering, polyester film face shields provide an effective barrier to the Covid-19 virus.

In Summary:

  • Melinex ® FS1 has excellent clarity and antifog properties, ideal for face shield visors.
  • Face shields made using Melinex ® FS1 have easily achieved EN 166 and can be CE marked.
  • HiFi Polyester Film were amongst the first to offer Melinex ® FS1 at all levels, from the major medical manufacturers to small conscientious companies and even schools and universities who rallied to help meet the immediate demand from care homes and health trusts.
  • HiFi Polyester Film offer certified clean, hygienic and class leading conversion capabilities and a wealth of experience in processing polyester film without scratches and contamination.
  • Extensive, continuously replenished stocks and large conversion capability means short lead times and excellent service.
  • Face shields made using Melinex ® FS1 are a realistic cost effective disposable product whilst offering a high transparency, antifog solution.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your specific requirements, we will be happy to help. Melinex ® FS1 – Technical Data Sheet