HiFi Polyester Film was founded in 1985 when a Dutch entrepreneur, with more than 20 years experience in Europe behind him, saw an opportunity to set up a specialised conversion and distribution operation in the UK.


From small beginnings – one sheeting machine converting film for one customer – the company has evolved and expanded. Continual investment in plant, stocks and personnel has enabled us to offer a bespoke conversion service across a vast range of films. From our base in the UK, and through sales offices in Holland, France and Ireland, HiFi Polyester Film now supplies over 18,000,000m² of film every year to customers worldwide.

The HiFi name (from “High Fidelity”) is synonymous with quality and we have built a reputation for product, service and innovation which is second to none. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing this hard-won reputation by continuing to work closely with customers and suppliers using the in-depth market knowledge and technical expertise accumulated over the past 20 years.

Our focus remains on supplying top quality products and providing an excellent service to our customers.


Our experienced salespeople pride themselves in handling customer enquiries quickly and efficiently, being able to give advice and information and to call upon in-house technical expertise when required.

But customer service is about much more than just sales. We believe that, by gaining a better understanding of our customers’ products and processes, we are able to recommend films and specifications that will best suit their requirements.

With offices in the UK, Holland, France and Ireland, we are often able to visit our customers in person; to meet key personnel and see their production facilities at first hand.

Our close working relationships with world leading manufacturers of Polyester film has enabled HiFi Polyester Film to remain at the forefront of new developments in films and technology. HiFi Polyester Film has also developed close working relationships with suppliers and hauliers to improve our service, reduce lead times and ensure reliable and on-time deliveries.

HiFi Polyester Film provides comprehensive support to both new and existing customers through its team of knowledgeable sales and technical staff and the experience gained from over 25 years in the film conversion business.
With offices in the UK, Holland, France and Ireland, we are often able to visit our customers in person; to meet key personnel and see their production facilities at first hand.

Special Projects

The Vestas SailRocket is an outright world speed sailing record contender that uses new technology in sail design. HiFi Polyester Film are proud to support this British built project, providing a special, technically demanding polyester film for the skin of the sail, or more correctly “wingsail”.

In Walvis Bay, Namibia in 2008, Vestas SailRocket clocked an average speed of an incredible 47.35 knots to record a new sailing speed record and hit a top speed burst of 52 knots making it the fastest sail boat in the world.

After being upgraded to a second version, the Vestas Sailrocket 2 began a campaign to break speed records in November 2012. On 24 November, with wind speeds at roughly 25 knots (29 mph), it ran the 500m course at 65.45 knots (75.32 mph) with a 68.01 knots (78.26 mph) peak.

Our reputation as experts in polyester film has led to our involvement in exciting and complex projects such as the Virgin Global Challenger round-the-world balloon attempt.

In the winter of 1995, Richard Branson and Per Lindstrand attempted the non-stop circumnavigation of the world by balloon, using the winds to carry them across two oceans and three continents in approximately eighteen days.

Metallised polyester film supplied by HiFi Polyester Film played a vital role in the structure of the balloon’s canopy.